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100215 Pacifica

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Surfline was calling for low wind and fair conditions this morning so we were stoked. Well, we were stoked until we got to the beach and looked at it. The waves looked choppy and messy with lots of closeouts. So we suited up and went out just south of the fast food. Once on the outside it seemed better than it looked. In fact it turned out to be pretty fun. We both caught numerous waves and had a great time despite the short time we had to surf before our first meeting at work. Fun morning!

100115 Pacifica

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Today was super fun! There were only a few folks out and the waves were small but non-stop and fun. We both caught so many lefts we stopped counting. The crowd was very friendly and chill. It was raining when we got in the water and sunny by the time we got out. Awesome morning!

093015 Pacifica

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When we got to the beach we almost turned around and came home because the waves were so small. I mean really small. I would say less than a foot to the north of the pump house. After flipping a few coins that were also telling us to go home we decided to stay and go out. We were so glad we did. By the time we got out in the water there were only 4 cars at the beach and no one in the water. Yes we were out at Pacifica all by our selves. So fun. Then we started catching some small lefts and rights and were hooting an hollering the entire time. We had a great time!

092915 Pacifica

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The size and power backed off today so we were faced with some pretty small conditions. We were in a hurry to get to a meeting, but both managed to catch some small fun ones. After our sesh yesterday Emily noticed a small crack in her board board near the nose. Today she thought she heard some creaking sound as she paddled back out. When we got out of the water we saw that the crack was the entire length of her board and there was water inside. Some of the guys on the beach gave her some good advice and Leo pulled out the card of the best semi-retired ding guy in Pacifica and said to tell him he sent her there. Without Leo he would have never taken the job as he is very picky on who’s boards he’s willing to fix. Love all the guys at the beach. Thanks Leo!

092815 Pacifica

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There was a bit more size and power to the waves today. Pretty fun. There were very few folks out and most of the waves had a fairly nice shape. For some reason I kept going for the bigger waves today. I tried to back off on one close out and got caught. I tumbled over backwards a few times and my back bent the way it’s not meant to go. I came up in a bit of pain, but kept surfing. We both caught a bunch of fun waves and had a great time.

092515 Pacifica

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When we got to the beach this morning it was already sunny and warm. The waves were not as big as predicted, but there were a few nice little peaks out there. Emily and I both caught some nice rides and we had a peak all to ourselves. Awesome day.

092115 Pacifica

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Yesterday I bought a used paipo which is an old school Hawaii bodyboard. I’ve never been a big fan of bodyboarding, however, a friend of mine at work has one and he rides ocean beach with it. He described it as the fastest board he’s ever rode. It turned out to be pretty fun. It will take some getting used to but overall it was fairly easy to use. Stayed out for a long while and caught a few fun ones. Emily also caught a bunch of waves on her board. Sunny, warm and awesome day.

091615 Pacifica

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The surf was small today, but not too windy. I still got skunked on the surf. Emily caught some nice ones though. The cool thing about today is there were about 5 or 6 whales several hundred yards outside of the line-up. They were spinning and breaching all morning. There were also hoards of photographers snapping photos all over the beach.

091515 Pacifica

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Time was very limited today as we had a morning meeting to attend. The waves were super fun though. Non-stop action on the south end. Emily and I kept splitting the peak with her going left and me going right. We both wish we had more time.

091415 Pacifica

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The winds were high and offshore this morning. Maybe 20 knots of offshore really made the surf super fun. The waves had some decent size and power. We both caught lots of really fun waves. It was also foggy today which was also fun since most of our surfing at Pacifica has been in the fog over the years. Lot of marine mammals in the water too. Fun day at the beach.