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AJAX Your Blog – Plugins, Source Code, and Tutorials

Posted on Nov 18, 2007 by in Web

I started this blog around the same time AJAX was introduced by Adaptive Path’s Jesse James Garrett. At the time there were no out of the box add-on’s for blogs. Fortunately, now there are a plethora of plugins, source code, and tutorials designed for specific blog software. The following is a list of AJAX components you can add to WordPress, Expression Engine, and Moveable Type.”Please use the comments section of this post to let the community know of any useful resources I’ve left out. Most of the descriptions below are taken from the developers of the example. Thanks, m4x.

AJAX for WordPress

Live Spell Checker
AJAX Live Spell Checker for WordPress

imgViewJX WordPress Plugin
imageViewJX is a WordPress plugin which takes all images from a given directory and flips through them on your WordPress site, without reloading the page imgViewJX uses AJAX library ‘xajax’. It is meant as a first experiment in using xajax in WordPress. Use it if you like it, or learn from it if you want to built something yourself.

AJAX’d WordPress
AJAX’d WordPress (AWP), formerly know as INAP, is an extremely powerful plugin that harnesses the power of AJAX and WordPress to improve the user experience, the administration capabilities and the design potential of any WordPress based blog. AWP’s basic features include inline paginated posts, inline comments, threaded comments, the ability to submit comments with AJAX, pagination of your homepage, live comment preview and much more, but it does not, however, force you to use any feature, and it also allows all aspects of the plugin to be easily customized through a single Administration panel. AWP is built to integrate with other plugins and features an advanced module system–based off of WordPress’ plugin system–that allows it to be modified with the addition of third-party extensions. It also has special features that will ensure compatibility with many other plugins.

WP Ajax Edit Comments
WordPress Ajax Edit Comments (for WP 2.1+) allows users and admins alike to edit comments on a post. Users can edit their own comments for a period specified by the admin, and admins can edit all post comments. What better way to show reader appreciation than letting the readers edit their own typos?

AJAX Comments WPMUified“”This is a rework of an original plugin called AJAX Comments by contributors DjZoNe, Mike Smullin. Probably one of the best ways you could spice up your WordPress Blog with AJAX; readers love it! Must see for yourself. This plugin works well in all major Web browsers, and uses discrete AJAX. That means if JavaScript disabled, it’s using the original comment posting method.

AJAX Calendar (now WordPress 2 compatible!)
AJAX Calendar is a plugin that will display an AJAXified WordPress calendar.

AJAX Page Loader
AJAX Page Loader will load posts, pages, etc. without reloading entire page. This was my first plugin and is still a little quirky. There is problems working on some themes. I am working a little at a time on this but if anyone wants to contribute, feel free.

WP-Polls 2.21
Adds an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog. You can easily include a poll into your WordPress’s blog post/page. WP-Polls is extremely customizable via templates and css styles and there are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wanted. It now supports multiple selection of answers.

WP AJAX Edit Comments
WP Ajax Edit Comments (for WP 2.1+) allows users and admins alike to edit comments on a post. Users can edit their own comments for a period specified by the admin, and admins can edit all post comments. What better way to show reader appreciation than letting the readers edit their own typos?

Plug ‘n’ Play Google Map
This plugin creates a google map on a WordPress static page of your choice. Any post that you attach a latitude and longitude to will appear on the map as a marker, with a pop-up bubble and a link to the post.

Inline Ajax Page
Inline Ajax Page (INAP) is an extremely powerful plugin that allows you to harness the power of AJAX to improve your user’s experience. INAP is not only able to load posts, comments and the add comment box inline, but can also submit comments, paginate posts, paginate your homepage, display a live comment preview. Other than a few minor theme edits when you first install the plugin, nothing has to be changed to test the power of INAP. All options can be controlled directly from the Administration Panel which allows you to customize nearly every aspect of INAP.

AJAX Login“”AJAX Login means that the login process is executed without reloading the entire page. The user is alerted through messageboxes on errors, and the page is only reloaded when login succeeds. The same goes for registration and lost password retrieval! This plugin adds a nice templated box on your WordPress, either with a template tag or as a sidebar widget. In the default template the box contains functionality for logging in, registering as well as retrieving new passwords. If already logged in a logout link is displayed.

Better-Than-Live AJAX WordPress Search v2
Just a little less than a year ago I launched Better-Than-Live AJAX WordPress Search. I felt it was time to get back in the swing of things, so I’m now releasing version 2 of the script.

AJAX for Expression Engine

AJAX Linktracker
This module allows you to track clicks on arbitrary links. You can use it to track file-downloads, outgoing links or even your internal navigation links. All you got to do is to add an unique id-attribute to any link you want to be tracked. The module utilizes javascript and a XMLHttpRequest to count the clicks. This has the disadvantage that you will not capture clicks by people who have javascript disabled . But on the other hand I see a lot of benefits. It uses no redirects which makes it pretty unobtrusive, your links look like always and there is no rank denial. It’s easy to apply to virtually any link on-the-fly. And it’s not triggered by crawlers but only by people behind browsers.

EE Ajax Edit Comments“”Allows One To Edit Comments Via AJAX

Edit Tab AJAX
Adds the Ability for Dynamic Searching and Sorting in the Edit Tab

ExpressionEngine and AJAX
As the introduction said I’m going to show you how I added the Ajax functionality to the Jambor-ee homepage, or more specifically, how you can replace certain content (in our case the showcase site details) through a user click without the need for a page refresh.

Expression Engine Ajax Slideshow
Adding an ajax slideshow to Expression Engine easily and simply. Expression Engine can easily have ajax functions added due to its inate configurability and template system.

Expression Engine Ajax Photo Gallery
An ajax photo gallery done in Expression Engine. Expression Engine being easily configured and a simple template system makes adding ajax photo galleries and ajax media display and other ajax functions a simple matter.

AJAX enabled EE Tags
The Tag Module allows you and your users to tag weblog entries with keywords or phrases. Using the module, you can build templates that pull entries by tag. You can show tag clouds and more.

AJAX for Moveable Type

Movable Type AJAX Search
This article allows you to easily implement in-page search results in any Movable Type page. What exactly does this mean? Your standard Movable Type blog has a nifty search form on every page. One thing I have always wanted is to display the search results IN the page without refreshing to another page. This is quite easy to do using Javascript and a few commands [notably XMLHttpRequest() ] that make up something we call AJAX.”””Ajax Archive Drop Downs
In this thread, Gary highlighted how to have drop downs of archives that basically redirected to the appropriate page once an archive was chosen. With this tutorial, I’ll take that one step further and use AJAX such that when you select an archive, rather than redirecting to the corresponding archive page, the appropriate posts will just replace those currently shown.

Movabletype Ajax Photo Gallery
Using some php and ajax I have a new demo of an ajax photo gallery I created for Movable type. I can see many uses for this integrated into your website or as a stand alone gallery. It’s nice to be able to view the photos without constant page reloads and also free of jumping as the next photo loads.

Ajax Rating is a plugin for Movable Type that enables visitors to rate your entries or your blog.

Quote 2.0 is a plugin for Movable Type 4.0 that easily allows commentators to quote a previous comment. It uses AJAX/JSON to retrieve previous comments and enter their quoted text into comment boxes.

MTYahooMaps is a Movable Type Plugin that allows you put Yahoo Maps in Posts.

Easy AJAX comments in MovableType using Mootools
The title says it all. Using the AJAX library from Mootools I was able to AJAXify the comment forms in Movable Type. Mootools makes it easy by supplying a Send() method in the Ajax class.

Ajaxify: EnhancedEntryEditing“”Ajaxify is a series of BigPAPI plugins that adds various javascript and AJAX widgets into Movable Type’s interface. It has, of course, been built for Movable Type 3.2. The first of which is EnhancedEntryEditing.”rn