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Papalote Mexican Grill

Posted on Jul 24, 2011 by in Food | 0 comments


I’ve eaten a lot of Mexican food in San Francisco’s Mission District, but Papalote in two words is, “the best” I’ve had anywhere in the world. Vegans seem to spend quite a bit of time dinning in Mexican restaurants, especially in SF where many taquerias feature vegan bean of some kind.

Papalote’s take the idea of Mexican vegan to a whole new level. With three types of vegan beans, and five other unique vegan fillings you can enjoy tacos, quesadillas, burritos and faajitas till your hearts content. The beans are whole pinto & black and refried black and all vegan. The other fillings include rice & beans;, veggie with potato, carrot & mushrooms; grilled veggie with zucchini & eggplant; soyrizo; and mole with tofu. Wow is all I can say! Oh yes I can also say the roasted tomato salsa is worth a trip here all by itself. One other food item worth mentioning is the garnish. This sometimes overlooked ingredient is so good is should be its own dish. The combined jicama, cucumber and oranges to make the most delicious little bite you can imagine.

On top of all that the prices are reasonable, the place is cute and the staff is very friendly.

Papalote has some of the most amazing vegan food I’ve ever had and it looks just as good as it tastes. For those reasons I give them my highest possible rating.

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