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Emily’s Happy Birthday Surf

Posted on Jan 8, 2013 by in Surf


We slept in today, but somehow we got to the break at just the right time. The waves got a bit steep at times, and they had some size on the outside. Set waves were breaking right and left on the 1st reef, however, unless they had some power they got eaten by the Capitola Hole.

Emily was riding my board since hers was in the shop for ding repairs. The extra float seemed to work well for her. I saw her rip one wave left, then right, and back left. It looked awesome. I also caught a few rides on my 9.0.

Oh yes, it was also warm and sunny. Super fun day surfing with my love – em – on her birthday!

#203 / #3 for 2013 1:00 pm

[Regional Summary: Mainly WNW swell wrapping in Most of the better exposed breaks offer chest-head high+ surf, while standout winter spots produce occasional overhead sets. Surface conditions are fairly clean for most areas. Tide will gradually drop all morning, bottoming out with a 0′ low around 12:51pm.]
3ft at 14s WNW (290°)
1ft at 15s SSW (199°)
0ft at 11s SSW (197°)