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Fred Rubble Goes Surfing

Posted on Feb 23, 2013 by in Surf | 0 comments



Today I took out my new (and I mean new) Channel Island 6’0″ Fred Rubble board. It was awesome! It was right in my volume at 28.6 liters and felt great to paddle, sit on, and ride. Yes, I got a nice short ride on my first day. Emily even saw me pop through the wave and head down the face. I still have a stoke smile. Emily was ripping her HP1 and caught more waves than I could count. Double stoke! What an awesome day.

Oh yes, it was also sunny, and only maybe a dozen surfers in the water. And they were all friendly.

#218 / #18 for 2013 1:20 pm – 6’0″ Channel Island Fred Rubble

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