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Another Fun Shortboard Day

Posted on Mar 9, 2013 by in Surf | 0 comments



It was kind of smallish today at Capitola, however, there were some fun little peaky waves on the inside and the outside.

Today I was trying out a 6’0″ Epoxy Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed. The board was easy to paddle and fast down the face. I’m starting to love this board. I stood up on the first wave I paddled for. So awesome!

Emily was on her 9’0″ Harbour and caught more wave than she could count. Awesome!

Today I also bought my first short / street skateboard. I’ve had several longboards, but never a short one. My goal is to ride the bowl at Grid Out Hunger in Capitola. Let’s go!

#222 / #22 for 2013 1:30 pm – 6’0″ Epoxy Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed

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