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Nice Waves and a Long Lull (090813)

Posted on Sep 8, 2013 by in Surf


We got to Capitola early this morning to beat the crowds. When we got out there were only three other surfers in the water. From the beach the waves looked really small, but there was a 15 second period, so we didn’t need much of a bump. As soon as we got out the wave machine TURNED ON. It was pretty awesome. I think I caught 5 waves in the first 25 minutes. This went on for about the first hour, and then there were some long lulls.

At one point we sat on our boards for 45 minutes before the next wave came in. That turned out to be an awesome wave though. Emily and I both paddled for it and caught it. We both went screaming down the line until we were past the big log. Great ride!

The crowd never really appeared and we both had an excellent time. Also the night before I got a new Xcel chest zip wetsuit that turn out to be great. It was almost too warm for Capitola. Maybe I’ll use this one in Nor Cal and use my back zip for Capitola.

Had an awesome two and a half hour session. Thanks again Capitola!

#266 – 8.0 Michel Junod Big Five Diamond